The Umbrian Renaissance Faire

A Festive, Fun, and Creative Afternoon
After the play, costumed escorts called pied pipers lead the children through a series of fun activities at our festive Umbrian Renaissance Faire. The children participate in lively relays, parachute and other games, dancing, face and hand painting, charming puppet shows, and opportunities to talk with characters from the play. They also get to arrange their own baskets of beautiful fresh flowers to take home to their families. A special highlight happens when each child is personally given a delicious, hand-decorated, eye-delighting treat with a loving “Thank you for coming!”


Our Very Special Guests
The program seeks to nurture feelings of kindness, courage, and self-worth in the children – not through words to feed their minds, but through direct experience to nourish their hearts. Our hundreds of trained volunteers stand ready to welcome and treat our special guests like royalty. We want the children to know that they are precious and valued members of what Francis of Assisi might have called “the Great King’s court”. We hope that the day-long experience inspires the children and opens the way for them to develop a greater sense of confidence, brotherhood, and compassion.