Francis of Assisi

Who was Francis of Assisi?
Francis lived in Assisi, Italy, in the thirteenth century. He lived a life of such love and compassion that, for hundreds of years, people around the world have looked up to him as an inspiring exemplar of all that life can be. Today, his universal message of brotherhood, joy, kindness, peace, and love is celebrated by people of all ages, ethnicities, races, and faiths.

What is Francis’s story?
Francis Bernardone was the son of a very wealthy cloth merchant in the town of Assisi in thirteenth-century Italy. When he grew up, he turned away from his family's life of pleasure and luxury to befriend and help the poorest and most rejected people in his village. Francis gave away his fancy clothes and jewels and followed the love in his heart.

Despite then having no money and no home, he took joy in everything – the birds, the animals, the trees and flowers – and, most of all, in every person he met. Francis began feeding the poorest people and tending lovingly to those who were sick, outcast, injured, or abandoned. News of his kindness, gentleness, and miracles spread, and soon others came to help him in his work. He showed his small band of helpers how to lead simple lives, to rely wholly on God, and to treat every person like a king or queen because he believed that each carried the light of God.

Francis sought to build bridges of understanding with all people, regardless of their wealth, social standing, or faith. For example, he made a long journey to Egypt to meet with Sultan Malik al-Kamil to try to end the war of the Crusades. The sultan listened to the message of peace and brotherhood that Francis brought to him. He came to respect Francis so much that he gave him safe passage though all his lands. Soon Francis's message of love and kindness to all living things spread across Europe.

Why is the study of Francis’s life especially valuable for school children?
The future of America needs young people with strong, positive, life-affirming self-identities. Presented in a nonsectarian, dynamic way, the powerful example of Francis of Assisi can instill in children a sense for lasting values based on principles of kindness, brotherhood, service to others, and the unity of all life.

The Francis in the Schools program is organized to express these themes vividly and memorably. Combining theater, music, outdoor play, and a nutritious meal in a festival atmosphere, these events aim to inspire children, often growing up amid poverty, crime, and neglect, with the transformative message of love, courage, and hope.

All children's artwork on this website is by students
who have attended the Francis in the Schools program.